Saturday, 27 November 2010

Supa Creative & Ashton Kutcher

Hey everyone, this is a picture I did for Supa Creative & Ashton Kutcher a while ago. Supa is a young hip-hop star from New Orleans, who kindly texted Usher the picture I did of him and then asked me to do him a picture. He and actor Ashton Kutcher star in the song 'Twitter Love' and he asked me to do caricatures of him & Ashton based on the video, they both are big Twitter fans!

It was a lot of fun to do and Supa gave Ashton the picture too. Ashton's advice to me was to 'follow my dreams' and here's a picture of Supa with his pic:

A big thank you to Supa this oppertunity!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Kim Kardashian Portrait & Her Reply

Hey everyone, I've been paining the sketch I did of Kim over the past few days and I took some screen shots as I did it. I started up a new YouTube account and made a little video to show how I got to the finished product:

I'm pleased with the finished product, I wanted to make it look realistic but also painted and not too computerized.

I tweeted the picture and literally the first person to see it and send me a message was Kim herself! I got this reply from her straight away and I'm very grateful to her. Like she did before when I drew her a caricature, Kim kindly tweeted the picture and the video to her 5 million followers on Twitter and I've had many kind messages. A big thank you to Kim and everyone for their support!
I've changed a couple of things on the picture after doing the video too, and I think it looks better now.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cher Lloyd with her Caricature & a message for me!

Today I was sent these awesome pictures of the amazing Cher Lloyd holding my caricature of her and with a message for me! I was really pleased to recieve these and wish Cher the best of luck for the rest of the X Factor:) Also, the picture I drew of her was featured during the start of the F Factor! See it here:

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lil Wayne Painting

I wanted to try a different style of painting and I really enjoyed using this style to paint this picture I did of Lil Wayne. I left the brush strokes very loose and painted the entire picture with brush #24 in Photoshop.

Details - I left the painting with all the original lines and marks which I did to start painting it.

Update: I mentioned this in a newer post as well but this picture has been shown to Lil Wayne now and he said I have talent:)